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As You are All Aware...

The HSE has issued a publication L117 Rider Operated Lift Truck Operator Training and Safe Use (Edition 3 2013).

This publication sets out clear guidelines for the training standard that rider operated lift truck instructors and operators are expected to reach.


The "Health and Safety Executive" has issued this guidance.

Although following the guidance is not compulsory, unless specifically stated, you are free to take other action. But if you do follow this guidance, you will be doing enough to comply with the law.

You need to be aware however that "Health and Safety Inspectors" will seek to secure compliance with the law, and may refer to this guidance.

Approved Code of Practice

The "Health and Safety Commission" has approved this Code, and it further gives advice on how to comply with the law.

Important Point: this Code has a special legal status.


If you are prosecuted for breach of the "Health and Safety Law", and it is proved that you did not follow the relevant provisions of the Code, a court will find you at fault. That is, unless you can show that you have complied with the law in some other way.

BRITTOp sets out to achieve these standards by complying in every respect with the HSE requirements, clearly set out in the above publication.

BRITTOp can issue a documentation package (if required) to every Training Provider registered with the Organisation. Using this package will confirm compliance with L117.

Instructors and Operators

All Instructors and Operators trained to the (HSE) Standard will be issued with a certificate and optional ID photo card that clearly identifies the individual.

This ID card will carry a QR code that can be scanned to open the database (a database fully compliant with the requirements of the GDP Regulations).

The database will show exactly what training the individual has undertaken (and when), and on what groups of equipment. It will also indicate when further training or refresher training should be undertaken.

Training and Audits

Every time the individual undertakes training, the database will be automatically updated.

This method will gradually build a training needs analysis for each individual registered in the scheme.

Training Providers registered with BRITTOp will be subject to Annual Audits.


BRITTOp is a member of the "British Safety Council (BSC)" and the "Off Highway Plant and Equipment Research Centre (OPERC)".

BRITTOp has been specifically set up to use the latest technology to aid compliance with L117 requirements.

It does so at a significantly reduced cost to Training Providers thus removing the temptation to cut corners.

Forklift Instructor Training

Some BRITTOp training providers also do instructor training courses.

Instructor training courses are delivered by a course tutor.

Novice instructor training, re registration courses for instructors and also direct entry courses for those who are transferring into BRITTOp from other training bodies.

BRITTOp offers a refreshing and cost effective way of achieving compliance with HSE requirements in the field of Lift Truck, Plant andConstruction Equipment training.

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