Welcome to a New Home for Training Providers

The newest Awarding body and registration scheme - new to the market but certainly not new to the industry. 

We pride ourselves in delivering quality service at competitive prices for you, the training providers.

We help you deliver the following listed courses (and that list is still growing): Warehousing, Plant and Construction industry training course all catered for.


We felt that the current Accreditation Systems, although well meaning, are stuck in a time warp. We live in an age of change.

Machinery has changed for the better but we are running the same courses that we were running in the 70's and 80. And they have played about with the practical test marking forms and created lots of new questions, but they are used AFTER training.

We felt the need for change so we set up BRITTOp.

We have set up a less expensive scheme. But it is not a cheaper system, in fact it is a better one.

A transparent national registration scheme where ALL members can air their views about changes, improvements and complaints through our discussion forum instead of waiting for the next general meeting.

Instead of committees, we want all members involved in our fairly democratic decision making process.

We need our members help to bring about real improvements.

We have made a start with a fast and simple on line registration system, members ID cards, unique "in house" training cards delivered swiftly.

We are discussing changes to improve operator and instructor training standards.

There is a lot to do to bring about real improvements that benefit our members and their customers.

Come and Join us, then talk to us about improvements in training standards and simpler administration.