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Introducing BRITTOp

BRITTOp is the newest accreditation body and registration scheme for trainers, training providers and operators in the warehouse, plant and construction industries.

Although we are new to the market, we most certainly are not new to these industries.

Scissor Lift Training Courses Available.

Why is BRITTOp the New Accreditation Scheme for Training Courses?

We felt that the current Accreditation Systems, although well meaning, are stuck in a time warp.

We live in an age of change.

Machinery has changed for the better since the 70's and 80's but we are running the same courses that we were running back then.

And the powers that be have played about with the practical test marking forms and created lots of new questions.

But these are used AFTER training which we think is totally unsatisfactory.

We felt that there was a need for change, and so we set up BRITTOp.

BRITTOp the New Awarding Body & Registration Scheme for Training Courses

BRITTOp, the new training courses awarding body and registration scheme, has been set up to be:
- transparent,
- a national registration scheme, and
- less expensive.

And, ALL the members of BRITTOp can air their views about changes, improvements and complaints.

In fact, we welcome such feedback.

Benefits of BRITTOp

As mentioned above, any concerns our members have are welcome and can be raised through our online members only discussion forum <<(link)>>, instead of waiting for the next general meeting.

Also. instead of committees, we want all our members to be involved in our fairly democratic decision making process.

In fact, we want and need our members to help bring about real improvements in the training courses of the warehouse, plant and construction industries.

We have already made a start with a fast and simple:
- online registration system, and
- members ID cards: unique "in-house" training cards that are delivered swiftly.

We are also discussing changes to improve operator and instructor training standards.

BRITTOp Quality Affordable Service

We pride ourselves in delivering quality service at competitive prices for you, the training providers.

Forklift Training Courses Available.

More to Come...

There is still a lot to do to bring about real improvements that benefit our members and their customers.

New Training Providers

So, if you are a trainer or a training provider in the warehouse, plant and construction industries, join us!

We want to hear from you about how we can improve the training standards and effect a simpler administration.

Common Accredited Training Courses

Our BRITTOp accredited training providers do training on all the machines listed further down the page, including the common ones:
- the counterbalance forklift truck course,
- telehandler (telescopic handler) course,
- dumper truck course, and
- excavator course.

Listing of Our Accredited Training Courses

PPT - Powered Pallet Training

A1  Pedestrian P/Pallet - low lift
A2  Rider P/Pallet- low lift
A3  Pedestrian Counterbalance P/Pallet
A4  Rider P/Pallet Stacker
A5  Pedestrian P/Pallet Stacker
A6  Straddle P/Pallet Truck
A7  Pedestrian P/Pallet Reach truck
A8  Rider P/Pallet Stand on Reach

Forklift Truck Training

B1  Counterbalance Training upto 5T
B2  Counterbalance  Training 5-15T
B2 with Manipulator (earwig)
B3  Counterbalance Training over 15T
B4  Stand on Counterbalance Training

Counterbalance with  Rotating Drum Grab Training

C1  Sideloader Training upto 5T
C2  Sideloader Training 5-15T
C3  Sideloader over 15T
D1  Reach Truck upto 8MT
D2  Reach Truck above 8MT
E1  Order Pickers upto 2.5MT
E2  Order Pickers over 2.5MT
F1  VNA - Operator up Training
F2  VNA – Operator down
M1  Multi-directional lift trucks
M2  Multi-directional S/Loader
M3  Multi-directional Reach truck
P1  Pivot Steer Training - rider
P2  Pivot Steer Training - Pedestrian

Excavator Training

Loading Shovel training & Skid Steer Training etc
180 Excavator Training
180 not as an Excavator Training
360 Excavator Training  upto 5T
360 Excavator upto 15T
360 Excavator upto and above 15T
360 Materials Refuse Handler

Container Handler Training

G1  Straddle Container Handler Training
G2  Counterbalance Container Handler
G3  Sideloader Container Handler
G4  Telescopic Container Handler
G5  R/Terrain Telescopic Container Handler
G6  M/directional Straddle Container Handler

Pallet Truck – Pedestrian Training

Z1  Pedestrain Pallet
Z2  Pedestrain Platform truck
Z3  Pedestrain Pallet Stacker
Z 4  Pedestrain Straddle truck

MEWP Training & Working at Height Training

1B  MEWP Static Boom
1A  MEWP Static Vertical
3A  MEWP Scissor Mobile Vertical
3B  MEWP Mobile Boom Training

Rough Terrain Telescopic Training & Telehandler Training

J1  R/Terrain Masted lift truck
J2  TeleHandler Training upto 9MT – 4WS
J3  TeleHandler Training above 9MT – 4WS
J4 Industrial TeleHandler Training upto 9MT
J5 Industrial TeleHandler Training above 9MT
J6 (360) TeleHandler upto 9MT – 4WS
J7 (360) TeleHandler above 9MT – 4WS
J8 Articulated TeleHandler Training

Dumper Training

Articulated Dumper Training upto 9T
Articulated Dumpers over 10T
Forward Tipping Dumper Training
Rear Tipping Dumper Training
Rigid Dumper upto 9T
Rigid Dumpers above 10T
Mini dumper below 1T

Road Roller Training & Tractors

Pedestrian vibratory Roller
Tandem Vibratory Roller upto 5T
Tandem Vibratory Roller over 6T


H1  Tractor and attachment Training
H2  Tractor Pedestrain inc. flip up platform
H3  Tractor above 30 Tonne

Other Courses

4X4 Off Road Vehicles
Abrasive wheels Training
Appointed Person
ATV Quad – ride in
ATV Quad – ride on
Bench Saw
Cable Avoidance (Cat & Genny)
Chain saw maintenance and cross cutting
Commercial vehicle tail lift
Compactors paper/cardboard etc
Confined Spaces
Crane Lift Supervisor
Crane Training & Loading Training Courses
Crawler Crane
Emergency Escape Training
Excavation Marshall Banksperson
Fire Marshall
First Aid
Floor Scrubber
Grass cutters/mowers
Gritter & Snowplough
Gulley Emptier and jetting unit
Harness and Fall Arrest
Health & Safety
Hook Loader (skip truck)
Instructional Techniques and methods
Loading & lashing of loads
Loading Shovel Training
Lorry mounted (Hi-Ab)
Management & Supervisors Awareness (L/Trucks)
Manual handling Training Courses
Mobile Crane Training
Mobile Tower Scaffolding
Overhead Cranes/Remote
Pendant Cranes
Piling Rig – Drill
Plant Machinery Marshall
Plant Mover
Quarry Crane
Refuse Collection Vehicle
Road sweeper/suction unit
Roll on Roll off (RO RO large skip)
Roller crusher Packer
Safe use of Ladders
Safety Awareness Waste Recycling
Safety Street and Road Works
Self propelled shipyard transporter
Skid Steer Training
Skip Lorry / Loader
Slinger/signaller Training
Strimmer Brush Cutter
Traffic Marshall (Banksman - vehicles)
Traffic marshall - directing Traffic
Tree Stump Grinder
T  Transportable Forklift Training ( truck mounted )
Working at Height
Yard Shunter  (Tug)

training courses awarding body & registration scheme

New Awarding Body & Registration Scheme for Construction, Plant and Warehouse Training Courses.