BRITTOp is the new awarding body and
registration scheme for counterbalance,
telehandler, dumper trucks &
excavator training courses

Who is BRITTOp?

BRITTOp is a new awarding body and registration scheme for courses in the construction, plant and warehouse industries.

We have over 40 years of hands-on experience in the training industry and website/database development.

Accredited Training Courses for the Construction, Plant and Warehouse Industries.

Accredited Training Courses for the Construction, Plant and Warehouse Industries.

We Understand Trainers

We understand the needs of training providers, trainers and instructors, as well those of operators

We will therefore work with you to improve training standards to be fully compliant with HSE.

We listen to the training companies' concerns and will implement changes as needed.

Benefits for Training Providers, Trainers and Instructors

We encourage you to register with us, BRITTOp, as you will enjoy the following benefits:

- we will be able provide you with an optional documentation package that will assert that the training you offer is in compliance with L117.

- every time an individual undertakes training with you, you will be able to update his/her training credientials in our database.

This way, you will be able to gradually build a training needs analysis for each of your successful trainees registered with us.

Note that all training providers, trainers and instructors registered with BRITTOp will be subject to an annual audit.

Benefits for Operators

By being registered with us, BRITTOp, you will enjoy the following benefits:

- if you have been trained to the (HSE) standard, then we will issue you with a certificate and an optional ID photo card that will clearly identify you.

- this ID card will carry a QR code that will be able to be scanned to access your training credentials in our database.

This information will show exactly what training you have undertaken (and when), and on what groups of equipment.

It will also indicate when further training or refresher training should be undertaken.

Note that this database is fully compliant with the requirements of the GDP Regulations.

High Training Standard

We adhere to and exceed HSE training guidelines and advice for workplace transport safety training.

To that end, we use the most stringent practical tests available.

Theory questions are checked by training companies/instructors to validate them.

We also fully conform to Loler 98 - Puwer 98 and HASAWA 1974 rules and regulations.

We are Members of...

We are corporate members of the British Safety Council to ensure the training is of the highest quality and standards.

We are also members of the Off-Highway Plant and Equipment Research Centre (OPERC), which is renowned for being the leading international centre of excellence for plant and equipment science (not only in construction but also sectors including warehousing & manufacturing, demolition, agriculture, mining and forestry).

Common Accredited Training Courses

Our BRITTOp accredited training providers do training on all the machines listed further down the page, including the common ones:
- the counterbalance forklift truck course,
- telehandler (telescopic handler) course,
- dumper truck course, and
- excavator course.